Used Cheap Steel Buildings

Used… New…Whats the Answer?

  • We live to resurrect these metal buildings over the scrap yard so check out our just listed “Used” structures below.
  • We will not compromise you best interests when a New pre- engineered building is a better investment for you. 

How much can you save?

Within 20% to 70%! Just add freight, engineering or structural upgrades, as you aquire to the purchase price. Ask us to run you pricing for new steel prefabricated steel structure so you have a benchmark to compare to..

What business is UCSB in?

We put together Steel Building Discounted Transactions so that our Buyers don’t get stuck with an investment they can’t get delivered and built. We take care of setting you up with cost effective loading, delivery, building and foundation engineering, insulation, sheeting, doors, accessories and even getting the building erected. All dealings are fully disclosed and transparent.

What do you have to do?

“It’s pretty easy….”

  • Check with your building department using your plan to make sure you have an idea about the permit process and that you can install this building where you want.
  • Get your site, concrete, plumbing, electrical, heating and interior build out teams together or use a General Contractor to get your budget and schedule together.
  • Have your funding ready to close quickly before the right deal gets sold out from underneath you.
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We have a wide variety of Used Steel Buildings and New Steel Buildings from local fabricators 

See details of the steel buildings shown above

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